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Pedal Power Special Tours
Impress your friends, your family, or your employees with a completely private tour! Maximum flexibility and special care are guaranteed. Your wishes are program!
Pedal Power -   Special tour - Bike
Any tour we offer on Tours or Bike Trips or selfguided tour suggestions, or any other tour you can think of, can become a Special tour.  It is special because you have a guide to yourselves and the tour is specially tailored to your wishes. We go where you want, at the speed you want and stop where you want. An ideal alternative for friends, co-workers or families travelling together. Individual wishes can be fulfilled in a way that is not possible with the daily group tours. The tour can even start from your hotel, we will deliver the bikes. The guide comes to the hotel. Special tours can be carried out with any number of participants. Times are flexible. All our tour guides are officially certified guides and are well versed with bike groups. This way we can guarantee a safe tour packed with great stories!
Pedal Power - Special tour -  Segway
Looking for something exciting and special? Experience something new with your friends, family or colleagues. Segway offers a unique, fun, and tailored to your wishes encounter. Whether you glide through the city, along the Danube Canal or through the giant Prater Park, riding a Segway is fun for all. Any tour we offer, and ones we don’t, can be organized as a “Special” tour. "Special" because the tour is custom-made after your requirements and wishes. The perfect way for friends, families, and fellow workers to have a tour just for themselves to enjoy. Individual wishes can be fulfilled; for example, the tour can start at your hotel or end at a restaurant or be guided in a language other than we offer on our daily tours. Special tours can be organized with any number of participants with flexible starting times.
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